Farima Roberts Action Plan to Sell Your Home

Our Joint Goal :
Ensure you, the seller, receive the maximum total Net Equity $$ of the sale proceeds (including excess deposit from trust account delivered to you ASAP after closing), with the least amount of inconvenience.

Preparation :
1. Determine the best price based on analysis of current comparable listings and recent sales in your area.
2. Prepare the home for best showings (using my 24 Point “Money-Making Tips to Maximize the Value of Your Home” checklist) so it competes successfully with other homes for sale.
3. Prepare the MLS Data Input Sheet showing all the features of the home with accurate room measurements and total square footage.
4. Prepare a feature detail sheet outlining the features that may not be obvious at first glance (such as electrical, plumbing, roof, windows, etc.) to complement the MLS data.
5. Get Title Search, check and understand all easements, rights-of-way, zoning, etc.
6. Prepare professional floor plans showing room sizes and layout of your home
7. Prepare Property Condition disclosure Statement as required by law.

Maximum Exposure During the Critical Launch Period :
8. Place a high-visibility For Sale sign on the lawn.
9. Promote the home through regular advertising.
10. Promote the home through MLS where it will be exposed to thousands of active realtors and their Buyer clients.
11. Post the new listing on the “big board” at the RE/MAX Real Estate Office (the argest and most active office in the area), and on the Realtors Hot Sheets.
12. Mail out area flyers and call the neighbours to promote the Open and notify area residents to bring their friends who may like the area.
13. Expose the home through Agents Open Houses.
14. Expose the home through Public Open Houses, managing security risks and issues.
15. Be available for showings when Buyers want to view the home (24/7).

Getting to the Sales :
16. Financially qualify potential Buyers
17. Help Buyers make buying decisions by pointing out the home’s benefits and value compared to all current competing listings.
18. Provide financing alternatives to Buyers with financing challenges.
19. Confirm financing approval with the Buyer’s lender.
20. Provide ongoing Market Activity Reports (showing activity on your home, as well as all new listings and sales in the area).
21. Present offers and negotiate the best price and terms, use my training and experience to maximize the potential in competing – and backup-offer scenarios.

Eliminate Unwanted Surprises and Achieve a Timely Closing :
22. Ensure subject-removal, closing and possession dates are coordinated so the moves occur smoothly for all parties, eliminating added costs for interim financing or hotel stays.
23. Ensure contracts are written properly, legally binding and enforceable.
24. Ensure a good deposit is taken with an offer, and held in an interest-bearing Trust Account to ensure Buyers are serious and intend to close.
25. Ensure signed copies of contracts and documents are given to all parties.

Cut Through Red Tape and Manage the sale Process :
26. Coordinate home inspections, Buyer walkthroughs, and lender’s appraisals in a timely manner.
27. Ensure the appropriate subject clauses are removed as they are fulfilled, ensure all parties have copies of signed documents.
28. Provide the necessary documentation, instructions and lawyer information to conveyancing.
29. Ensure lender receives copy of firm Contract of Purchase and Sale (subject removal documents).
30. Once the sale is firm, send all documents to the Buyer’s and Seller’s lawyers.
31. Ensure all funds and documents needed are at the appropriate parties for closing. (confirm $$ to be advanced from lender and balance needed to close from Buyer.)
32. Send Moving Checklist to Seller to help simplify the many steps involved in the moving process.
33. Arrange keys for the Buyers for possession, along with all manuals and house instructions, and confirm move-in time and date.