Decommissioning Oil Tanks

Please be aware that approval of oil tank removal is provided only by the Fire Department, as it falls under the BC Fire Code.
Old unused oil tanks (used to store heating fuel before conversion to natural gas) were often buried beside houses, and if not properly emptied and left to rust through can cause serious environmental damage. Empty tanks can also collapse after rusting, causing setting of the surrounding yard.

Decommissioning can mean the following :
1. Tank is removed from the property and disposed of under proper transfer regulations.
2. Tank is completely emptied and filled with an inert material.

New regulations (in 2003) require that all oil tanks must be removed (even if they were previously decommissioned and filled with sane), unless specifically approved by the Fire Chief as not being practical to remove and filled with an “inert material”.
Vendors are responsible to ensure that oil tanks have been removed or decommissioned from service as required by the BD Fire Code regulations, and for providing confirmation in the form of a Fire Department inspection certificate.

Special Alert :
In 2005, some insurance companies will not longer insure a home with an oil tank – whether or not it is in use. Check with your insurer for details.