10 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Realtor

1. Does the Realtor work with a top-notch, high profile Real Estate Company?

2. Does the Realtor have a written marketing system? (to ensure your home sells quickly for top $$)

3. How many ways will the Realtor expose your home to the maximum number of potential Buyers?

4. Will the Realtor create a Feature List of your home’s special features (to ensure all potential Buyers know all the good features of your home)?

5. Will the Realtor do a Floor Plan of your home (so Buyers can easily see room sizes and layout, allowing them to easily make a decision to buy your home)?

6. Will the Realtor pre-qualify potential Buyers (to ensure Buyers are financially qualified to buy your home before showing them the home)?

7. Will the Realtor give ongoing market activity reports? (so at all times you know of all new listings and sales in your area.)

8. Will the Realtor personally show your home to potential Buyers and point out all the good features? Or will they just hand out keys or put on a lock box? Or do they have an assistant who does all their showings?)

9. Will the Realtor give you regular feedback and comments after all showings?

10. Will the Realtor advertise your home in the Real Estate Newspaper(s) and on the Internet? (will they have a full photo tour, inside and out, of your home?)

If the answer to any of there questions is “no”, you are limiting the chances of selling your home for Top $$ in any market.
Don’t sell yourself short! Enlist the services of a top Realtor, like Farima Roberts, who guarantees to deliver all the 10 items and more.